ACPPA RTR Cup Team Competition Final Result
History now has been made, This tournament was considered as the highest level ever since 2009.  There are 20 teams including almost all highest ranking players from three maritime provinces and over 300 audiences flooded into the stadium cheering up their heros.
Hundreds of games played together with countless wonderful moments, Old friends met and new friends made. This is all about building better communities and promoting the sport that we love. We did it and you helped! Thanks you all for making this great event happened !!!
Final Result:
Championship Group
1. Stallion
2. Japong
3. PEI
4. You Got Served
5. SunLife Financial Team 2
6. SunLife Financial Team 1
7. ASAP Mubhay Grill and Bar
8. Morning Stars
Consolation Group:
1. Best Choice Chinese Food
2. CSNS Team 1
3. Moncton Chinese Table Tennis Association
4. RTR
5. Halifax Chinese Language School
6. SMU
7. ACPPA Kids
8. CSNS Team 2
Pictures from tournament day!



Photo by : Sear Yang(Director of Social Media)