1360 Barrington St. Halifax. (DAL Sexton Campus Gym)

  • Random drop in @$5 per session (At least two hours)
  • Kid training@100 for 10 sessions (limit to 10 spots).
General Schedule:
  • Winter season from January to end of May(or June). (ACPPA Super League and Kid Training)
  • Fall Season from September to end of November(Kid Training and recreational playing)
  • Annual Team competition event(full day) in October or November.
  • Center closes in July,August and December.
Operation Time:

Policies for free admissions(Terms and conditions applied)
Free of charge for the following group of people who are:
  • Over 65 year old.
  • Mentally or physically disabled.
Contact Information:




Top Thickness

Double Queen


25 mm

Double Fish


18 mm



Atlantic Canada PingPong Association training center was established in 2009. Club stared with just 4 low quality tables but a group of people who are highly passionate on table tennis.

Thanks to Novascotia table tennis association, we were able to upgrade to high quality tables in the following years.

With great effort of our coaches and volunteers, ACPPA training center has been attracting and trained more and more young players across the province, some of whom, like YangNuo has became key players in our provincial junior team competing in national level tournaments. 

With 8 years development, ACPPA training center not only has become one of the best known place to train young kids from group zero to hero in table tennis but also playing a important role on training new umpires to server to annual team competition tournament, the event that has become one of the biggest sport event in Novasoctia .


In September2016, ACPPA training center made a major movement to relocate our home to Dalhousie Sexton campus gym. It is the mile stone to ACPPA training center as we are now having the best location ever that would benefit much more people in the future.

Our story has just begun, we dream that one day ACPPA training center would find and train our own champions not only in national level but international as well and that day will be coming soon.