Atlantic Canada Ping Pong Association (ACPPA) is a non-profit organization. It was established by a group of people who have different backgrounds but same enthusiasm in table tennis in 2009 .

Our mission is to promote table tennis in Atlantic Canada as well as organize table tennis tournaments and social events to achieve our ultimate goal, the goal which helps to build healthy, harmonious and strong local communities.

By conducting our commitment, A.C.P.P.A , so far, has successfully organized  team competition tournaments since 2009. This annual event, which is now one of biggest sport event in Halifax, had attracted thousands of people of all ages. As the result, Participants of table tennis have been reached to the historic high in NovaScotia.

Another key role of ACPPA is to find and train talented people of all ages especially for young kids. We are dedicated to those who will be the future stars of table tennis in NovaScotia.

In year 2017, ACPPA launched ACPPA Table Tennis Super League. The League was distinguished with others by many aspects, including its unique rating system, using a bunch of specially designed software and website to recording, tracking and analyzing teams and players' performance. We also employed a professional photographer taking pictures and videos during the league.  As the result, ACPPA super league has become the most successful league in Novascotia attracting more than 70% of top players in this province.


Team ACPPA 2018