Atlantic Canada Ping Pong Association’s Constitution & By-Laws 2010/2011


Society’s Official Name: Atlantic Canada Ping Pong Association (ACPPA)


Mission Statement:


The Atlantic Canada Ping Pong Association is a non-political and non-profit organization whose mission is to:


      Promote the sport of Table Tennis among the local Chinese as well as the general public of Atlantic Canada provinces who are interested in this sport;


      Organize Table Tennis tournaments and social events to promote sport spirit and friendship among players and local communities;


      Create the opportunity for all Table Tennis players to experience what it would be like to proudly and honorably represent Nova Scotia’s Table Tennis Spirit and Competitive Edge in yet another progressively popular sport;


      Provide coaching and training to all members to further their skill as a non-competitive or competitive Table Tennis player, and in particular to those young players.


General Structure of the Association:


            The Governing Board


            The General Assembly



The Governing Board:


      Composition: Chairman






Directors of Committees


      Choice of Board Members:


The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are elected in General Assembly from a list of consenting nominees from the members. Treasurer and Directors of Committees will be nominated by the Chairman. All Board members will serve the Association during three (3) years and can be re-elected.


One Vice-Chairman of ACPPA should be held by the representative from the organization which provides the main sponsorship for ACPPA.




The Chairman: General direction and coordination of the activities of the Association and presides at the meetings of the General Assembly and at the Board meetings.


The Vice-Chairman: Assisting the Chairman in all the activities of the Association and replacing the Chairman at meetings in the latter’s absence.


The Treasurer: Keeping the Association’s bank account, payment expenses and receipt of monies paid to the Association, and presenting regular financial statement to the Board and the General Assembly.


The Directors of Committees: Nominating members and organizing activities.



The General Assembly:


Two weeks before the annual General Assembly of the election year, the Governing Board gives notice to all members for election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the next term. The list of nominees must be ready for the General Assembly.


All members in good standing may exercise their voting rights in decision making at meetings and in elections including the annual General Assembly.


During the annual General Assembly, the Chairman presents the annual report.



Frequency of Meeting:


The General Assembly of the Association shall meet at least once a year (annual General Assembly); The Governing Board shall meet at least twice a year.



Call of Meetings:


Meetings of the General Assembly: One of the following persons or groups of persons can call a General Assembly meeting provided a notice is communicated to all members of the Association two weeks before the meeting:




      At least 1/3 of the members of the Association.